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This brief describes how HxGN EAM and the Energy Star Portfolio Manager interact so that energy consumption data for properties is automatically calculated by HxGN EAM and sent monthly to Portfolio Manager. In return, the Energy Star Rating, as calculated by the EPA National Ratings Database, is provided by Portfolio Manager to HxGN EAM and presented on the equipment screens.

In this brief, you will find the screens and the processes used in HxGN EAM and Portfolio Manager to:

  • Register a new customer and select HxGN as the Service Provider

  • Login an existing customer

  • Add/Edit a Property

  • Add/Edit a Meter

  • Access the Data Exchange/Web Services

    • Select HxGN as your Current Energy Provider

    • Designate which properties and meters HxGN is to manage

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Published Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 6:48 PM