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The Issue Transaction screen consists of two parts – the first being the Header fields where the user must pick the Work Order – Activity, and Store. As part of this header, the other fields can be unhidden using the Screen Designer for DIgital Work screen.

Once the user fills in all the required fields, clicking the Start Part Scan button will take the user to the Transaction form.

The Transaction form is where users can or manually enter the part details to be issued.

These are the features of this form:

  • If a required field is touched as shown above, it will be indicated by a red border. Optional fields are indicated by a blue border. The highlighted field will also have its label displayed on the toolbar

  • The user can either use the keyboard to manually type in the value, or use the bar code icon () on the toolbar to open the device’s camera to scan and populate the value in the field

  • If the device is a commercial bar code scanning device, clicking the Scan button on the device populate the scanned value into this field

  • In the case of scanning, it will automatically jump to the next field on this list (Part Org. in this case), wherein the user can invoke the bar code again or enter manually. If entering via the keyboard, the user can click the Next button on the keyboard to jump to the next field.

  • When the user scans the last field on this list (or clicks the Save/Done button when using the keyboard), they will be prompted to save this transaction with a Yes/No option.

  • Clicking Yes will submit the transaction with a success message. Any errors will be displayed at this point but the fields will not be cleared to give the user the opportunity to make corrections.

    • If no errors are displayed, the transaction was successful, in which case the fields in the form will be cleared and ready for the next part entry.

  • Clicking No will not submit this transaction, and the user can make edits to this transaction by selecting a specific field and clicking the Clear () button.

  • The user can click the Save () button at any time to submit the transaction.

  • Before submitting the transaction, the user can click the Back () button to return to the header and change fields like Work Order, Store, etc. Going back to the Transaction form will clear all the fields.