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HxGN EAM Digital Work for Transactions

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The available Transaction screens for HxGN EAM Digital Work users, provide the ability to quickly perform transactions by using its scanning capability or manual entry. This is instead of the user going to the actual screen to perform the transaction, which may become time consuming.

These are the advantages of using the Transaction screens:

  • Demonstrable time savings

  • Real time data update to the EAM server

  • Rapid scanning using any commercial bar code scanning device

  • Multiple types of bar codes or QR codes supported (See the HxGN EAM Digital Work brief for all the bar codes supported)

  • Screen designer capability

  • Digital Work only screens that are designed for the mobile user

These transaction screens are designed to be fast and easy to give the user the ability to quickly perform a specific number of’ transaction(s) multiple times over and not to bring the full functionality of base EAM (or equivalent digital work screen) into play,