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The Databridge Remote Agent is a java-based server application that communicates with a Databridge server over the internet or intranet. Therefore, a Databridge document can be originated from or delivered to a location that is remote from the Databridge server.

The remote agent typically is used when HxGN EAM and Databridge server are hosted at the HxGN EAM application hosting (ASP) site to exchange Databridge documents with the hosted servers as well as to schedule and execute partner side integration jobs.

Using remote agent, you can send Databridge documents to and receive Databridge documents from the Databridge server. These documents are transferred in the form of files, and the remote agent manages the internet communication using HTTP or HTTPS.

Through the remote agent, you can use the job scheduler provided by EAM to define, schedule, and run jobs on the remote agent server in your local environment to prepare for or to further process the business data communicated via your Databridge server.