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This section outlines the steps to configure Infor ION in order to use HxGN EAM customer survey emails functionality.

HxGN EAM customer survey email functionality requires making the configuration changes inside HxGN EAM, and configuring Infor ION accordingly (outside HxGN EAM). You must have system administrator rights in order to perform the configuration changes.

It is assumed the reader of this document already has this knowledge:

  • Understand the concepts behind Infor ION and BODs, and how the concepts relate to HxGN EAM.

  • General knowledge of Infor ION and Infor ION Desk. For general Infor ION documentation, download from Infor Support Portal.

In the remaining part of this document, we use the term "ION" for Infor ION, and the term "EAM" for HxGN EAM.