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By default, the e-mail notifications have as sender the e-mail address configured in the e-mail settings from the ION Service properties. The default Hexagon logo from the e-mail templates set is used. It is possible to specify a different logo or sender email address for each monitor or workflow.

To achieve this for a specific Monitor and a specific Workflow:

  1. Create a "properties" file that contains the name of the monitor or workflow definition. These templates must be created in addition to the standard email_template.htm, as this one is still required for the monitors and workflow that do not have a customized template. The additional template files must be named, according to this syntax:

    • For Monitors: monitor_properties_<monitor name>.properties

    • For Workflows: workflow_properties_<workflow name>.properties

      The name comparison is case sensitive.

  2. Add the logo files to be used to the folder with email templates. All mime formats are supported, (for example, png, gif, jpeg).

  3. Edit the content of the properties files to contain these lines:

    Where the property logo specifies the logo file name to use in the e-mail for this monitor or workflow. If this property is not specified, the default logo.png file is used. The property from Address specifies the email address to use in the From field of e-mails for this monitor or workflow. If this property is not specified, the From address configured in the ION Service Properties configuration for e-mail is used. If the from Address property is specified but it is incorrect, E-mail notifications will not be sent and an error is logged in the Pulse log file.