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Capture HxGN EAM main toolbar button clicks example message (to be handled by the custom application).


messageName: 'toolbarButtonClick',

action: 'deleteRec'


  • In the usage of above scenario, When we click on delete button on toolbar, first it will call postMessageListener function in customframework_common.js and then call toolbarButtonClick event.

  • postMessageListener function in customframework_common.js

  • Then it redirects to toolbarbuttonclick event in the accounts.js

  • This toolbarButtonClick event written in the accounts.js file in window. onload & window.onunload functions.

  • While opening the screen Window.onload function in the accounts.js will be called.

  • While leaving the screen window.onunload function in the accounts.js will be called

  • For a delete record it will call doDelete function and Delete action will be done