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Custom Framework Application Folder Structure like below.


  1. In customframework_common.js,

    Change EAM_DOMAIN = ‘https://<servername>:<port>’;

    which was located sample\sampleApp\static\javascript\customframework_common.js

    The <servername> and <port> should be replaced with the server and port mentioned in config.yml file.

    Example: If your config.yml is


    then the EAM_DOMAIN = ‘https://<servername>:<port>’.

  2. On Windows or LINUX Open command prompt as administrator and specify path and run the following command. (This war file should be created inside sampleApp folder.).

    \sampleApp> jar cvf sampleApp.war.

  3. A war file will be created as sampleApp.war, then rename the war file to

    Note: Folder structure should be as shown above.

  4. Copy the zip file into the location <EAM_HOME>/overrides/customerwars.

  5. Follow the Base CD Image installation and deployment process for Windows and Linux.

  6. Choose one of the following options to redeploy the HxGN EAM application:

    1. On Windows, execute the deploy batch script: deploy.bat.

    2. On Linux, execute the deploy shell script: ./

  7. Restart HxGN EAM Service.