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This sample application illustrates how to create a working Internal Server Application (ISA). The sample customizes EAM by creating two new database tables and developing screens that allow the user to view and edit information in those tables. The first table is called U5ACCOUNTS; it contains information about bank accounts such as bank name, account number and routing number. The second table is called U5USERACCOUNTS; it contains credit card information and authorization limits for individual users.


Users should have working knowledge of Java, JSP, Servlets, Database, and Javascript.

Software requirements

  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

  • HxGN EAM Installation

  • Database Tool


This document contains an attachment. Download the file.

The zip contains the following files:

  • SQL Scripts

  • Java Source

  • sampleApp file

To access these files, browse to the left-hand menu in the browser for this document, and then click 1 attachment. The attachments view opens with the selected documents available for downloading.