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The SessionUser object is no longer stored in the HttpSession object for HxGN EAM. If your custom application took advantange of this (even though it's not officially supported by our API) then your code will break and must be reworked.

Here is how this can now be accomplished as of 11.1, but note that this API is not officially exposed and can change again in the future without warning:

// 'request' is an HttpServletRequest object

EAMHttpSession vSession = (EAMHttpSession) request.getAttribute(IServletConstants.EAMHTTPSESSION);

SessionUser vSessionUser = (SessionUser) vSession.getAttribute(IServletConstants.USER_BEAN);

If you need to get a handle on the EAMAccessSession and you are not running your custom code in a custom screen / tab, you can use the external_eamid via the browsers sessionStorage object, look for external_eamid.

This section contains actual code that can be used in an application. For method and property information, please refer the JavaDocs delivered with the EAM Custom Framework.