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Detailed information about the System API is available in the JavaDocs delivered with the EAM Custom Framework.

The sample application contains examples of how to use the API. See the source code for these classes: AccountServlet, BaseServlet, DBAccess.

The System API is contained in the package

The following main classes are exposed:

  • EAMAccessManagerFactory - This class is used to instantiate the factory to get instances of EAMAccessManager.

  • EAMAccessManager - This class is used to handle access to the data from the HxGN EAM application. This object reference can be obtained from the EAMAccessManagerFactory and is per user's session.

  • EAMAccessException - This class is used to handle generic exceptions that are thrown in case of any errors while trying to Access System API. It has an errorCode property which can be queried to find what error has occurred. In addition the getCause method can be queried to get the actual Exception.

  • EAMAccessSession - This class is used to handle / store information about the user. See the JavaDocs for publicly exposed information.

Other helper classes are provided. See their usage is in the System API usage.