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An External Server Application (ESA) is an application that is not deployed in the Java Virtual Machine that hosts the HxGN EAM application. The ESA may be deployed in a JVM on the same physical server, a JVM on a different server, or it may not be a java application at all. An ESA can be integrated into the HxGN EAM system of menus and can process user events associated with the toolbar buttons. The main limitation of an ESA is that it cannot utilize the System API.

For instructions on how to install the sample external application please see the readme in the sample external folder.

Observe the following restrictions while designing and developing the ESA:

  • The ESA must be a web application.

  • It can be developed on any platform as long as it conforms to HTTP 1.1 specifications. In other words it can be based on .Net or Java or any other web platform conforming to HTTP 1.1.

Cross Domain Scripting Issues:

  • For security reasons, web browsers impose severe limitations on the ability of scripting clients to access content in different domains.

  • In this context a domain is understood as a transport protocol (http, https, etc.) plus a fully qualified domain name (a host name plus the base domain name). For example, two URLs would belong to the same domain only if the http://hostname.mydomain.com portions of the URLs were identical.

  • Thus an ESA will belong to the same domain as HxGN EAM only if the two applications are located on the same physical machine and accessed via the same virtual host and protocol.

  • For more information on using an ESA with a proxy please see the readme in the sample external folder.

  • See this link for more information on the restrictions browsers impose on cross domain scripting:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same_origin_policy.