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Once the supplier repairs the cores use the PO Receipts screen to receive the repaired parts back in the store. On the receipt header enter the Purchase Order number from which to receive the repaired parts

Then on the Active Lines tab select the parts to receive. Either you can do this individually or use the Retrieve Parts button to automatically select all parts from the purchase order.

Make sure that for each part you properly identify this information:

  • Receipt Qty. - Enter the number of parts that were repaired and then can be added to the quantity on hand.

  • Scrapped Qty. - Enter the number of parts that could not be repaired and that will be scrapped.

  • Bin for the receipt.

  • Repair Price - An install parameter determines whether you can enter this manually or not.

Once all data is recorded do not forget to approve the transaction lines. The approval will create a receipt transaction for all associated parts, will increase the quantity on hand in the store and will decrease the quantity at supplier.