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For an external repair create a regular purchase requisition and then add a requisition parts line of Type ‘External Repair.’ You can combine this requisition with lines of another type. The Requested Qty. on the external repair line will be limited to the quantity to be repaired, just like it did for the internal repairs. You cannot repair more than there are to repair!

On the requisition line you also must assign the repair details, such as select the quantity to be repaired from each bin. Note that this can only be done after the requisition line is already approved. On the Parts tab of the Requisitions screen click the Assign Repair Details button and the Repair Details popup will open. Like for internal repair, this popup looks different for parts tracked by asset and parts not tracked by asset.

For parts not tracked by asset the popup will show all bins that have a quantity to repair and from each bin you can select as many parts as required. Identify this selection in the Qty. Assigned column of the grid. Then when assignment is complete click Submit.

For parts tracked by asset you need to select the individual assets that you want to repair on the popup. Note that you can select multiple assets at the same time using the Asset ID lookup. Once the assets are selected, then click the Assign Assets button.

The assigned parts or assets will be stored against the requisition and after leaving the popup the system takes no further action with these until the purchase order is associated and approved.