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You can manually create repairable spare work orders on the Work Orders screen, but you can also generate them automatically on the Generate WOs screen.

Make sure that under the Repairable Cores Selection Parameters you do the following:

  1. Select the Generate WOs for Repairable Cores check box.

  2. Optionally enter the Store from which to select parts to be repaired.

Then on the Preview tab select the rows you want to include and click Generate. The system will add different parts to the same work order if the repair details of these parts all reference the same WO Equipment, Department, and Standard WO.

  • On the Preview tab only the Description (coming from the Standard WO of the repair details) and the Equipment (coming from the WO Equipment of the repair details) are listed. The part is not listed and that makes sense considering that every work order may have more than one part associated.

  • If you leave Store blank the system will create a different work order for each store, even if the part in the other store has the same repair details. Again, the Preview tab does not list the store for which the preview line is created. Using different repair details for the same part in different stores would solve most of this problem, if desired.