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For an internal repair create a work order of Type of ‘Repairable Spare.’ This work order is just like any other work order with one exception, it allows for entries on the Repair Parts tab.

On the Repair Parts tab you must:

  • Select the Part to be repaired.

  • Select the Store from which to select parts to be repaired. You can leave this field blank, but then the auto-assign function does not work, and you will have to manually assign.

  • Enter the Qty. to Repair. Repair as many as you want, providing they are available in the store in the quantity to repair.

Then click the Assign Repair Details button, which will bring up the Repair Details popup. This popup looks different for parts tracked by asset and parts not tracked by asset.

For parts not tracked by asset the popup will show all bins that have a quantity to repair and from each bin you can select as many parts as required. Identify this selection in the Qty. Assigned column of the grid. Then when assignment is complete click Submit. For each assigned part, the system creates a ‘Repair issue’ transaction and decreases the quantity to repair in the store and increases the quantity at shop.

For parts tracked by asset you need to select the individual assets that you want to repair on the popup. Note that you can select multiple assets at the same time using the Asset ID lookup. Once the assets are selected, then click the Assign Assets button. You will notice that the selected assets change status from ‘To be repaired’ to ‘In repair’ and that the Assigned flag is now selected. For each assigned asset, the system also creates a ‘Repair issue’ transaction and decreases the quantity to repair in the store and increases the quantity at shop.

Once the parts or assets are assigned and upon return from the assign popup, the system will activate the repair parts line. Only for the active repair part lines can a receipt of the repaired parts be entered in the store. More on that later.

Optionally on this Repair Parts tab you can enter the Qty. Completed. This field can be used in case you manually want to enter the number of parts that were repaired. This is useful if the repair takes time, and you want to receive repaired parts in the store as you repair. This field will help you limit the receipt quantity to only the parts that are ready for it. If you do not want to track to this level of detail, you can have the system hide this field and handle it automatically based on the setting of an install parameter.

For complex structures that are in repair and where one or more of child assets exist, feel free to use the Equipment Replacement tab of the Work Orders screen to swap broken parts for new ones. So, while repairing a core, you can still identify other cores that need repair.