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A core is a part that you carry in store, is used on one or more of your equipment, and that will be repaired if it is broken. You may call these parts differently, such as repairable spares or rotable spares for example.

In this brief the core repair process is described, for both internal and external repair, and the required setup in HxGN EAM to support this process.

In HxGN EAM there are two major types of parts:

  • Parts tracked by asset, which are uniquely identified by an asset number and therefore every transaction for this part will require the asset number. Therefore, the quantity on these type of transactions in HxGN EAM is always 1.

  • Parts not tracked by asset, sometimes called consumable parts, which are only identified by the part number. The quantity on these type of transactions in HxGN EAM can be any number.

Both these types of parts can also be identified as cores. For parts tracked by asset this seems a little redundant because assets are always repairable. The distinction is still made however, so you can opt to keep assets that require repair in the store and make sure these assets are included in the repair process.

This brief will describe this information:

  • How to identify cores for repair

  • How to repair cores internally

  • How to repair cores externally

  • The required setup to make this all work