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A new screen called Configuration Manager – Export has been created and can be accessed by navigating to the path Administration > System Configuration > Configuration Manager - Export.

The Configuration Manager – Export screen is used to select data that will be exported from the target environment.

First, the user will enter a Description for the session that will be created.

Next, the user will select or clear the check boxes for the data they want to include or exclude in the export. The user can enter an Email address if they want to receive a notification when the export is completed. Otherwise, the user will need to return periodically to this screen on the Status tab to check the status of the export.

  • To select Page Layout, you must also select User Groups and Permissions.

  • If the Systems or Locations do not exist in the target environment, stores will not add new supplemental data, leaving this information NULL.

  • The exported data will always be saved on the server.

  • The amount of data selected for export will impact the amount of time required by the system to generate the Preview.