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The list of Nonconformity Types that can be selected on a checklist item depends on the Aspect associated to this checklist item and the list of Nonconformity Types associated to the Aspect on this tab.

The Aspects – Nonconformity Types tab screen has two important attributes:

  1. Nonconformity Type—You can select any type on this tab. The system does not verify whether the type is general or not.

  2. Severity—You can add a severity for each Nonconformity Type entered for the Aspect. Severities entered here will be available in the Severities lookup on the checklist screens in base EAM and the mobile apps, but only for the checklist type ‘Nonconformity Check. Together with the severities already entered on the Tolerances tab, a total of 400 different severities can be included.

    Note that on the mobile device the selected severity from this tab will default if the associated Nonconformity Type is entered and no other data is filled in yet.