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Checklists are created by selecting a Task Plan with an Active Checklist associated on the following screens:

  • Activities tab of the Work Order screen.

  • Tasks tab of the Case Management screen.

  • Observations tab of the Nonconformities screen.

  • Operator Checklist screen.

  • LOTO tab of the Permit to Work screen.

See the Task Plans screen for the proper settings to make these task plans available on these screens. For example, the task plan must be identified as an isolation Method to be used on the LOTO tab of the Permit to Work screen.

For details on checklist creation we refer to the HxGN EAM Checklists functional brief.

The following checklists are currently not supported on mobile:

  • Case Management checklists.

  • Nonconformities checklists.

  • Permit to Work checklists.