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Many PM work orders include an inspection of one or more components that are part of the equipment of the work order. A vehicle for example requires a check of the tires that includes measuring the tread depth and air pressure and a safety check that all lights and switches are working properly. A railway switch inspection will include different checks like the condition of the switch ties, the condition of the switch machine and the switch heater or the size of the track gauge.

Often there is a regulatory requirement to proof the check was performed, and the results were recorded. Task plan instructions are an option, but since it is basically free text, it obviously is insufficient to support such a requirement. It is difficult to identify the step was completed or what measurement, if any, was taken. It is also not recommended to breakdown Task Plans into smaller entities, as this increases the number of activities required per work order. For regulated environments, wherein proof of completion is vital, you must print the work order, write down the completion and results of the steps, and file the paper.

These are all roadblocks to create a fully paperless and mobile environment.

The HxGN EAM Checklists Mobile functionality solves these issues. You can breakdown the Task Plan into individual steps, or checklist items, and identify the completion, and collect the required data, for each of these items. On top of that it handles additional functions like:

  • Follow-up work orders or deferred maintenance.

  • Nonconformity creation or update, if nonconformities are found.

  • Inserts meter readings or inspection results, directly from the checklist.