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On this tab a fishbone diagram (Ishikawa diagram) is displayed. The fishbone diagram is based on the entered root causes associated with the case. The diagram shows the Problem Description of the case, the Root Cause Categories of the root cause records, and the primary causes recorded in the Why 1 field of the root cause records. And by clicking any of the Root Cause Categories you can drill down one level and view the secondary causes of the listed primary causes. The secondary causes are recorded in the Why 2 field of the root cause records.

The tab has a Brainstorm button. If you click this button the system will open a pop-up where you can quickly enter the root cause data used on the diagram. Note that entering data on this pop-up is the same as entering data on the Root Causes tab of the Case Management screen. The difference is the pop-up has a specific focus (the diagram) and therefore only has a limited set of fields present.

To keep the fishbone diagram readable the following limitations are implemented:

  1. No more than 8 main bones (arcs) will be displayed on the spine if the minimum required screen resolution is used (1600x900). With higher resolutions, the maximum is 10.

  2. No more than 5 causes (branches of the arcs) will be displayed on each main bone.