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The Service Codes screen has the following important attributes related to case management:

  1. Case Type - Select the case type. If this field is blank, the service code will not be considered a case management template and therefore cannot be selected on the Case Management screen.

  2. Auto Request Case - If selected when a service request is created on the Call Center screen using this service code, then the system will automatically create the case record as well. Otherwise, the user can still manually create the case from the Call Center screen. Similar functionality exists on the Work Orders screen if the service code is selected.

  3. Following is a list of fields that are copied to the case as default value when the service code is selected. For an explanation, see the Case Management screen above.

    1. Case Class

    2. Case Priority

    3. Cost Code

    4. Regulatory

    5. Case Follow-up Required

    6. Hazardous Material

    7. Total Estimated Costs