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The Work Order screen has similar capabilities to create a case as the Call Center screen.

When a case is created from this screen on the Case Management screen the Source Type will say ‘Work Order’ and the Work Order field will be protected and populated with the work order number. The case will be created with a requested status.

Additionally, the Work Order screen has a dedicated button to create a root cause analysis case. If you click the Create Root Cause Analysis button, the system will use the Root Cause Analysis Service Code of the work order organization (see Organizations screen), and with that service code, the system will create a new root cause analysis case on the Case Management screen. The case will be populated with the work order data like Downtime Cost, Downtime Hours, Problem Code, Failure Code, Action Code, Cause Code, Failure Mode, Symptom, Tactical Cause, Human Factor, Workmanship, Human Oversight, and Method of Detection. The case Problem Description will be set equal to the work order Description. The new case will be created in the request status. More than one case can be created from the same work order if needed, But the system will ask for confirmation after the first case is created. Note that, because there can be more than one, the work order does not show that any root cause analysis cases have been created for it.