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The Call Center screen has the following important attributes related to case management:

  1. Service Code - The service code determines the case type and also determines if the case must be created immediately at insert or update of the service request.

  2. Case Type - Displays the case type of the selected service code. However, if a case is related to the service request the case type of the case is displayed instead.

  3. Duplicate Case - If a case must be created for a service request, but a similar case with status requested and with the same organization, equipment and service code already exists, the system will not create the new case, but instead will populate this field with the found duplicate case. Manual changes are always allowed, but be careful, if you are clearing the field manually you force the duplicate check again and the system will automatically repopulate the field if a duplicate is found. This may well be the same number you just cleared!

  4. Button:

    Create Case - If the Case Type is populated and Case, Duplicate Case, Duplicate Request and Duplicate WO are all still blank you can create a case by clicking this button.

When a case is created from this screen on the Case Management screen the Source Type will show ‘Call Center’ and the Service Request will be populated with the service request number. The case will be created with a requested status.