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Every industry needs the ability to capture certain events and report on these events. In HxGN EAM, this usually relates to Equipment that needs repair or preventive maintenance and is handled through a work order. But what if the information you are collecting is not really work order related? Think of shift notes, operator notes, accidents, emissions, spills, government reports, etc. Or maybe you want to record the behavior of equipment under certain conditions that you observed or the reason for a production line stop. All these events or happenings may be worth recording, but because the events are of a different nature, recording it via a work order is not ideal.

An accident has potentially many consequences and there are likely many steps involved in handling all these consequences. Meetings with OSHA, meetings with lawyers, equipment modifications to prevent the accident from ever happening again, follow-up meetings and inspections, further modifications, etc. So that requires the ability to define tasks and responsibilities, time lines, regulatory requirements like certain documents that must be submitted, the ability to associate work orders, follow-up inspections, etc. With the Case Management function in HxGN EAM all this information can be collected and acted upon. And years later you still have all this data accessible, and you can easily revisit the information and proof that corrective action were taken.

Certain cases like industrial accidents require governmental forms to be completed and submitted. Linking these forms to the type of case can greatly improve efficiency and avoid time lost in searching for the proper forms. Additionally, providing user assistance in completing the forms provides even more value. Templates for cases can be created on the HxGN EAM Service Codes screen.

When events occur, automatic notification of the proper individuals is required to save time and money. From the Call Center screen and from the Work Order screen in HxGN EAM cases can be created automatically as well as manually. It important to introduce this capability to make sure that people are notified certain action is required, but also to make sure regulatory requirements are complied with, and not simply forgotten with all consequences from that.