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Below are a few general IFC file export recommendations for better performance and model management in HxGN AEC Project Viewer.

  • Ensure that you use BIM Level of Development (LOD) 300 specification when designing the model elements.

  • Use default IFC export settings in the respective CAD software.

  • Never use BREP for geometry conversion.

  • Do not export large models into a single IFC file. Instead, export the model into different IFC files based on discipline, object types, floors, or any other custom model filter that works for you. When you import each IFC file into HxGN AEC Project Viewer, it automatically merges them.

  • After exporting the IFC model, verify it in the IFC viewer before importing it to HxGN AEC Project Viewer. If the IFC viewer took more than 5 minutes to reopen the file, try to logically filter the model and reduce the file size.

For more information on model best practices, see Model Requirements.

Revit IFC Export Settings

If you are using Revit 2020, 2021, or 2022 versions, follow the procedure below.

  1. Open Revit.

  2. Click File > Open > Revit file.

  3. Browse and select the required .rvt file.

  4. Click Open.

  5. Click File > Export > IFC.

  6. On the Export IFC dialog box, click Modify Setup.

  7. On the Modify Setup dialog box > Property Sets tab, select the Export IFC common property sets option.

    • If the model has Revit specific property sets, select the Export Revit property sets option.

    • If the model has user defined property sets, select the Export user defined property sets option.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Click Export.

For more information on IFC export setup options, refer IFC Export Setup Options topic in Revit help.

ArchiCAD IFC Export Settings

  1. Open ArchiCAD.

  2. Browse and open the required .pla file.

  3. Select the 3D view tab.

  4. On the main menu, click File > Interoperability > IFC > IFC Translators.

  5. In the IFC Translators dialog box, under Settings, select the following IFC Schema settings.

  6. Under Conversion Presets, click the Edit/Create Model Filter Preset button.

    You can modify the All 3D elements preset or create a new preset so that you can export different IFC files based on different domains.

  7. For example, in the Model Filter for IFC Export dialog box > Select 3D elements for Export settings > by IFC domain, choose Structural to only export structural elements.

    Similarly, you can create another preset to export only MEP elements or a custom preset. For more information on IFC export presets, refer ArchiCAD help.

  8. Click OK.

  9. For remaining conversion presets, select the following settings.

    For more information on translator settings, refer Translators for Export (Detailed Settings) topic in ArchiCAD help.

  10. Click OK.

  11. On the main menu, click File > Save As.

  12. For Export, select Visible elements (on all stories).This option exports the 3D elements that are visible in the 3D view only.

    1. If the building is huge and has multiple stories or floors, you can further filter the model based on stories.

    For more information, refer Filter model at Export topic in ArchiCAD help.

  13. For Translator, select the preset that you customized.

  14. Enter a file name and then click Save.