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  1. Open the activation email.

    SHARED Tip If you can't find the email, check your junk or spam email folder. Email service providers can sometimes mistakenly filter emails into these folders, including those that are important.

  2. Click the Activate account button and follow the instructions on screen.

    The activation link has a time limit. If you were unable to activate your account in time, you can still click the link and resend the activation email to yourself.

  3. Open the authenticator app that you installed on your mobile device.

  4. Choose scan a QR code option.

    The app prompts you to add an account right away. If not, look for a + or Add button within the app and tap on it.

  5. Align your device's camera with the QR code displayed on the HxGN AEC Project Viewer account activation page.

    The authenticator app will automatically scan the code. If the QR code scan is successful, the app will display the account name and corresponding verification code.

  6. Enter the verification code generated by the authenticator app.

    SHARED Tip If you entered an incorrect one-time code, rescan the QR code.

  7. Set a strong and unique password and click Submit.

    You’ve successfully activated your account. Sign into HxGN AEC Project Viewer and get started.

From the next time onwards, open the authenticator app and tap on the account. Enter the generated verification code whenever you sign into HxGN AEC Project Viewer.

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