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  1. Select a format, and click Edit > Properties.

  2. On the Format Properties dialog box, click Edit.

  3. To change the readout, define the character type or select the appropriate text format.

     Examples of appropriate types for readout for a text string are Standard, Uppercase, and Lowercase. Examples of types for readout for numbers are Decimal and Fraction.

  4. To change the precision, select the degree of accuracy necessary for reporting numeric values.

  5. To change the minimum length for any format category except String, type the minimum number of characters in the Minimum length box. To change the fixed-length string format for the format category of String, type the change in the Fixed-length string box.

     You can access the Alignment box only after you type a value in the Minimum length box.

  6. To change the alignment, select left, right, or center.

  7. To change the units of measure, type or select the units necessary to define the text format.

  8. To change the padding character, select the Zero, Space, or User-defined option. For the User-defined option, type a filler character in the text box to the right of the option.

     A compound format uses a combination of format fields to create a text format. An example of a compound format is 10 ft. 4 in. The example includes format fields for 10 ft., which defines the measurement in feet; and 4 in., which defines the measurement in inches.