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  1. Select Edit > Add Compound Filter.

  2. On the Add Compound Filter / Compound Filter Properties dialog, type a name for the new compound filter in the Name box.

  3. Type a description in the Description box, if wanted.

    When you point to the name of a filter in the Tree view, this filter description appears as a ToolTip.

  4. Select either Match all or Match any from the Filter method section. Match any is the default setting.

    Match all means that only those items matching ALL of the filtering criteria specified are returned.
    Match any means that items matching any one or more of the filtering criteria return.

  5. Select OK.

  6. To add filter criteria to the compound filter, drag one or more simple filters into the compound filter. You can select the compound filter and create a new simple filter under it.

  • All of the filters that make up the new compound filter need to be of the same item type, which appears in the Filter for list on the Filter Properties dialog. For example, all of the simple filters making up a compound filter can be of type Equipment: Mechanical. You cannot mix Equipment: Mechanical with Equipment: Heat Transfer or any other item type.

  • All of the simple filters under one compound filter must be of the same item type. After one simple filter has been assigned to a compound filter, all simple filters created under that compound filter will have the same value in the Filter for field as the first.

  • When using the <, <>, and > operators in a filter item, null values are not included in the filtered results. To include null values, the operator = and the value Null have to be added to the Filter Definition. For example, if all the pipe runs that do not have an Item Tag value equal to 01- 100 are to be filtered, then the filter definition is set to Match any and the following criteria used in the Filter Definition:
    Item Tag <>01-100
    Item Tag = Null.

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