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Filter Manager allows you to create and manage filters. Filters are used extensively throughout the engineering applications.

Two main types of filters exist in Filter Manager: simple and compound. You can nest one or more simple filters in compound filters to build a more complex collection of items. For example, if you have one filter that shows the secondary piping in the drawing, and another filter that shows the primary piping, you can combine these filters to show all of the piping without the hose. You can even nest compound filters for more complexity.

Filters can apply to an entire plant or to an individual user. Your plant administrator can create, edit, or delete the filters for the entire plant. Individual users can only view, select, and apply plant filters. However, you can create personal filters which you can edit or delete.

Filter Manager has three modes of operation:


Filter Manager can be operated as a standalone application on a client workstation. With the standalone application a user is able to manage the filters being used in a plant without having the need for other software to be loaded (such as application software).


Filter Manager is integrated into other applications such as Smart P&ID Rule Manager and is integrated into the authoring tools such as Smart P&ID where a user is able to add/manage filters used with Display Sets, Reports and the Engineering Data Editor.


In certain situations, such as P&ID Workshare, the satellite sites are not permitted access to add/manage plant filters, they are only permitted to select the filters defined by the Host site.