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You can use filters in many ways throughout the software. Filter Manager is the stand-alone software used to manage filters in different applications.

You can apply filters to either drawing views or table views in the design software. For example, you could filter all pumps in a drawing view. After applying the filter, you see all pumps in the drawing as graphical symbols. You can then select all the pumps and edit their properties one-by-one or as a select set in the Properties window. That same filter applied to a table view displays a list of pumps and their characteristics in a tabular format, where you can also edit the properties of the pumps.

Filters can help you show different views of the same drawing and can make your workflow more efficient. For example, you can use a filter to display an "operational" drawing, or an "under construction" drawing. You can show all items added after a certain date or after a certain revision number. You can also use filters if you want to delete items of a certain type.

You can filter for certain components in a stockpile, such as instruments or pipes, leaving the remaining items available to place in the drawing or vice versa. For example, when you use filters with a stockpile, you can keep track of specific items that are needed for completing a particular drawing.

You can use filters when you create report templates to display only certain items on a report. You can also use filters in Rule Manager to define how items interact within a view. You can associate filters with the source or target properties in rules, and you can use filters to find and replace items as well.

Filters can also be used to control the display of hierarchy items in Drawing Manager. These filters are not saved to any folder in Filter Manager, but the methods of creating these filters are the same as those for creating filters saved in Filter Manager.

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