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  1. Select the simple filter that you want to review or edit.

  2. Select Edit > Properties .

    SHARED Tip You can also double-click a simple filter, or right-click the simple filter and select Properties.

  3. Review or change the name, description, and definition of the filter on the Filter Properties dialog.

  • If you change the properties of a filter, these changes do not appear in copies of that filter. However, the changes do appear in shortcuts from the filter.

  • If you select a date-formatted property, you can specify a date for that property. Select the ellipses near Value in the Edit group, and select a date on the calendar.

  • If you cannot find the desired property for the item type, add it using the Data Dictionary Manager. See the Defining Item Type Properties section in the Data Dictionary Manager Help.

  • When you point to a filter name in the Tree view in Filter Manager, the filter description appears as a ToolTip. You set the description in the Description box in the Filter Properties dialog.

  • Remember that the 'Null' value in the definition passes only properties that are exactly null. You cannot expect those items with a specific non-null value assigned to the property for which you are filtering to be displayed when you are searching on a null value. You can use a compound filter or define more filter criteria to return both the null and specific non-null values, but be sure to choose Match Any when defining the filter.