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Allows you to specify the initialization file associated with the site server you want to work with in Filter Manager.


Lists the available folders and files. To see how the current folder fits in the hierarchy on your computer, select the down arrow. Select a folder to see its contents. In the displayed list, you can double-click a folder or file to open it. To open the folder one level higher, select the Up One Level button.

Up One Level

Navigates one level higher in the directory.

New folder

Adds a new folder in the current directory.

View Menu

Allows you to select the format in which the files are displayed in the main window of the dialog. Options include Large Icons, Small Icons, List, Details, and Thumbnails.

File name

Provides space for you to type the name of the file. You can use * as a wildcard. For example, you can type *.* to see a list of all files. Alternately, you can type the full path of a file, such as c:\rules\smartplantv4.ini.


Opens the file with the name, file type, and location that you specified.