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When you open Filter Manager, the main window opens. The Tree view in the main window shows the organizational structure of the filters. Filters appear either singly or grouped into compound filters. Folders contain all filters and compound filters. You can create folders and nest folders. Nesting folders occurs when one folder contains another folder, which in turn contains filters and possibly still other folders.

All users working on a specific plant can access the plant filters. The pre-installed filters that are supplied with Filter Manager are stored in folders according to their usage, in the Plant Folders folder. The filters include:

  • Display filters

  • Report filters

  • Rule filters

  • Gapping filters

  • Label placement filters

  • Multipurpose filters

  • Symbology filters

The number and type of filters supplied with Filter Manager vary according to which application you select when connecting to a plant:

The My Folders header contains personal filters. The filters that appear in the folder belong to the current user, changing the user will change the filters that appear in the folder. You can create new filters and compound filters in the My Folders folder.

My Folders is a good place to organize the filters that you frequently use to control the display of the various views in the design software. It is a good idea to create new filters, copy filters, or add shortcuts to filters in this folder rather than moving original filters from, for example, the Filters for Rules folder.

You can cut, copy, paste, and rename folders and filters. Double-clicking a filter in the Tree view displays the Filter Properties dialog.

You can copy a filter from the My Folders folder to the Plant Folders folder and edit it only if you are a plant administrator. Only a plant administrator has privileges to create, edit, or delete plant filters. Access rights are assigned in Intergraph SmartĀ® Engineering Manager.