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Publish Object APIs

Object-based web service APIs can be published from EcoSys using the spreadsheet dictionary screen. A spreadsheet can be defined for a desired subject area and view any preferred columns to access through the API.

To publish a spreadsheet definition as an API,

  1. Navigate to the preferred definition (Spreadsheet, Action Batch, or Report Batch).

  2. Open the Options tab and enable the option for Publish for use through API in the ‘Web Service API’ section.

    The image below shows the Web Service API options for Spreadsheets:

    Most of the edit rules available for spreadsheets are also available for configuration in an API, including marking columns as read-only, making columns not visible and Conditional Formatting of rules to control edits on a per-row per-field basis.

    The image below shows the Web Service Options for Action Batches and Report Batches:

  3. Assign a name to the API, which must be globally unique, and will be used by callers of the API.

    • Published API names must consist of the following:

      • Only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, and 0-9),

      • Punctuation marks: "-" (hyphen), "_" (underscore), and "." (period).

      • API names must begin with a letter and cannot contain more than one contiguous ".".

  4. Click Save.

    • Spreadsheets must be in list mode (not hierarchy mode), and grouping is not supported for published API views.

    • For Report Batches, reports are created in the directory defined by the output location specified in the General tab of the report batch.

    • In the General tab, specify the report batch location in Output Location field and report format in Output Format field (for example, excel, CSV, PDF, RTF, and so on).