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EcoSys reports and spreadsheets can be displayed as a portlet inside of Primavera Web (version 6 and above).

Supported configurations include:

  • Displaying an EcoSys screen (e.g. spreadsheet, report, form, screen layout) in the Primavera Web project or user workspaces.

  • Displaying an editable EcoSys cost object forecast spreadsheet in the Primavera Web project workspace.

To configure a portlet view in Primavera Web, log into Primavera Web and navigate to the User Workspace or Project Workspace screens. Click "Customize" and expand the "Custom Portlets" section. Define a custom portlet using the URL from your working EcoSys installation:

The URLs for the EcoSys portlet must be modified to contain additional parameters. Use the templates below, substituting the server name and port number for your own.

When you first display the portlet, it will prompt you for your EcoSys username and password. You may choose to save those credentials for some amount of time so as not to be prompted each time the page displays. Your credentials are stored in encrypted format in a browser cookie.

URL for Report Portlet (User or Project Workspace)


  1. Replace server name and port number to match your EcoSys installation.

  2. Replace layout ID with the desired numeric layout ID (the layout ID can be found by navigating to the desired screen in EcoSys and taking the value specified in "layoutID=" contained in the URL of the browser)

URL for Cost Object Forecast Portlet (User or Project Workspace)


  1. Replace server name and port number to match your EcoSys installation.