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You can also run the scheduler using Actions by configuring a new Action Type "Scheduler". The supported subject areas are Cost Object or Tasks.

  1. Navigate to Actions > Configure Actions > New.

  2. In the General tab,

  3. Select the Subject area, enter the ID, Name and Action Type as Scheduler.

  4. Under Scheduling, select the required calendar.

    Select the Baseline, if applicable.

  5. Select the Start Date to select the date and time. If you do not select the start date, scheduler uses the current date and time.

    You can also select the date using the Data date field on the schedular chart. If you want to drive the Data date value via parameter, you must check the time component option in the date time picker pop up so that the time is displayed in the screen layout along with the date.

    To use the parameter, the Scheduler Chart must have the parameter defined with the ID ‘SchedulerUIDataDate’. This parameter will bind directly into the Data date in the Chart.

  6. Also, while using the parameter, you must make the Data date field read-only. Go to Options tab in the chart and select the option Data Date Readonly.