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Debug logging should be required only when troubleshooting an error that does not provide details in the application log or batch log. This typically only happens when there are low level connection issues.

Step 1: Add debug logging to your operation parameters

  1. In Integration > Operations, edit the XML parameters for the operation in question. Insert the line below inside the <parameters></parameters> tag:


    It should be at the same level in the XML tags as the other <parameter> tags.

  2. Save your changes.

Step 2:  Test the connection and then run the operation

  1. To test the connection, navigate to System Info > Integration, and then click the button to test your SAP connection.

  2. Run the operation, usually on the Integration > Operations menu.

Step 3: Collect the results

There are several places to gather results:

  • The EcoSys application log file, under ESFM_HOME/log, copy ESFM-Application.log. You can also access this information from the GUI, using System Admin > Display Log, which downloads the entire log file.

  • The SAP plug debug log, under the same folder as the application logs, copy the PluginSAP.log file. This file is accessible from the GUI under System Admin > Display Log > Download Log > SAP Plugin Log File.

  • The EcoSys batch job log, under Reports > Batch Job Log. Select the operation you ran previously, select Show All, and then export.

  • Optional: Include the application server’s console log. Typically, this file is located under the installation folder for the application server and is named server.log, stdout.log, or stderr.log.

    Examples: C:\jboss-4.0.5.GA\server\ecosys\log\server.log or C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\logs\stderr_*.log

The following two parameters control log file size, as well as number of backup log files. You can configure these settings in the configuration .xml file for the external data source being used to connect to the SAP system.

  • maxPluginLogFiles (default value is 10)

  • maxPluginLogFileSize (default value is 25000KB)

Step 4: Disable debug logging

  1. In the operation parameters, remove or comment out the <loggingLevel> tag:

    <!-- <loggingLevel>DEBUG</loggingLevel> -->

  2. Then, set the application tracing back to defaults using the System Admin > Application Settings > Tracing menu. Click Set to Defaults, and then and save the changes.