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The following limitation exist when using the EcoSys SAP Adapter:

  1. Connections to SAP that require an SAP Router or router string for the connection are not supported at this time.

  2. Timesheet entries that use units other than hours (non-hourly timesheets) are not supported.

  3. SAP projects with more than one root WBS element are not supported for export from EcoSys to SAP. The interface can import multi-root projects from SAP to EcoSys, but bi-directional synchronization is not supported for projects with more than one root WBS element.

  4. SAP configurations that use financial periods that do not correspond to months are not supported for planned values. Importing actuals is supported, but importing and exporting forecast values under this configuration may result in values falling in the wrong financial periods.

  5. Data elements in SAP that contain the | pipe symbol are not currently supported for import.