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EcoSys Primavera P6 Adapter Installation

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  1. Open your default text editor to edit the in your default text editor. is located in the EcoSys\ESFM_HOME\ folder.

  2. Navigate to the Primavera API Settings section, and remove the hashes to uncomment the lines as shown in the example.

  3. Add the P6 username and password that you created previously. For details about how to encrypt these credentials, see Encrypting Integration and Database Credentials.

  4. The bootstrap home should point to the P6Integration folder created on P6 API installation.

  5. If the P6 and EcoSys databases are on different platforms (SQL Server vs. Oracle), uncomment the primaveraAPI.database.type line and set it to the corresponding P6 database platform (ST_SQLServer or ST_Oracle).