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EcoSys Primavera P6 Adapter Installation

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This section describes the prerequisites for configuring EcoSys with the P6 Adapter. You can use the table below as a pre-installation checklist before initiating the installation process. Complete the following steps before the scheduled installation.


Prerequisite Steps

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EcoSys Installation

This document assumes that you have configured EcoSys. If EcoSys is not installed, see the EcoSys Installation Guide.

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P6 Version Compatibility

Refer to EcoSys Supported Platforms to validate that your P6 version is compatible with the software.

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Download, Install and Configure the P6 API

This document assumes you have downloaded and installed the P6 API from Oracle onto the EcoSys application server. Configure the P6 API to use the P6 database that is to be configured with EcoSys integration.

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P6 Administration Settings

EcoSys requires that you set Ignore Daylight Savings Time to False in the P6 Administrator Settings for the configuration that you are using with the API. The default location is Primavera P6 Configuration > Application.

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Passwords and Accounts

Create a P6 user account (within P6) that is enabled for the API module.

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Schedule Staff Availability

During the installation, a system administrator with Admin level access to the application server(s) will need to be available.