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The Import Dates screen within the Integration menu enables the user to run an import of schedule dates.  

  • Dates may be directly imported for specific cost objects in the Dates tab of the Cost Object Dictionary.

  • Dates may be imported for specific cost objects in the Forecasting screen.

  • Dates may be imported through a batch mode for a set of Cost Objects in the Portfolio Forecasting screen.

  • Date imports can also be scheduled to run automatically on a specific day and time by a system administrator.

It is possible that a project and its forecast is successfully imported into EcoSys but the units and dates are not populated on all the underlying WBS mapped Cost Objects in EcoSys. Please keep in mind that if there are no activities on the P6 imported WBS then the dates and units do not roll up to the WBS in EcoSys. If it is desired to see this information, then in P6 either be sure to include activities with each WBS (a WBS Summary Activity may be appropriate).