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When importing forecast information into EcoSys from P6, the process updates EcoSys with forecast costs and data from the schedule. Considerations on importing Forecasts are listed below.

  • The Import Forecast process initiated from the Integration menu imports forecasts for all mapped projects (unless a Cost Object Category filter is applied in step 1 below). To import forecasts for a specific project, initiate the import from the External Data tab with the project selected in Enterprise Data, Cost Objects.

  • To  verify the imported data, review the working forecast Transactions spreadsheet under the Cost Objects menu, selecting the relevant project and the version selected above.

  • If certain projects in P6 track forecasts as high-level Resource Planning data, EcoSys can  import this data as forecast transactions. To do so, users can designate a project user-defined field and a specific value for this field in P6. For projects assigned with this value, EcoSys imports from their high-level resource planning data as the forecast.

  • Forecasts may also be imported for specific cost objects in the Cost Category Forecasting screen.

  • Forecast Imports can also be scheduled to run automatically on a specific day and time by a system administrator.

  • EcoSys can import P6 Forecasts into any past major periods as long as the period is not locked. There are no additional settings or options to enable this capability. User can select any past period in Import Forecast Start Major Period on the Import Forecasts screen or Cost Object Dictionary's External Data tab.

  • Filters can be placed on forecast imports using the following settings:

    • Filter by Activity Code Type: Activity Code Type Name used to filter assignments or expenses to import.

    • Filter by Activity Code Value: Activity Code Value used to filter assignments or expenses to import.

The activity code name and type is manually entered here and is case-sensitive.