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When importing Actual information into EcoSys from P6, the process updates EcoSys with Actual units and costs from the schedule. Considerations on importing Actuals are listed below.

  • The Import Actuals process initiated from the Integration menu imports actuals for all mapped projects. To import actuals for a specific project, initiate the import from the External Data tab with the project selected in Enterprise Data, Cost Objects.

  • When importing This Period Value, the Actual this period value in P6 is imported. Therefore, it is important that the relevant financial period has not been closed out in P6. Otherwise, this value is null.

  • To verify the imported data, review the Actual Transactions spreadsheet under the Cost Objects menu. Make sure to select the version used when performing the import.

  • Import of Actuals can also be scheduled to run automatically on a specific day and time by a system administrator.