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The connection between EcoSys and the P6 database uses the Primavera API. The API information must be set in the EcoSys Server Settings file, available from the System Admin menu. The following are the specific settings which will need to be configured.

Primavera API Settings:

The key parameters for the correct functioning of the EcoSys/P6 connection using the Primavera API are listed below. Sample server settings file syntax are provided for each parameter.

Regarding P6 license/security: credentials for a user with an API license must be specified. This user is not required to be an admin superuser account. However, the API will enforce the P6 security layer and this will control the data available for import to EcoSys. If a user account without access to the entire EPS is used, only the projects available to that user will be available to import to EcoSys.

Primavera Integration API Credentials

Provide a P6 application username and password. This user in P6 must have the Primavera Integration API license checked on under Admin > Users > Licenses.



Primavera Integration API Database

Provide the ID and mode for the Primavera connection. API mode can be local or remote.



Primavera Integration API Host (If Applicable) 

Specify the details of the remote API host. Use if your API mode is remote. If the API host is local, these values are not required.




Primavera Bootstrap Home Folder

Specify the location of the Primavera bootstrap file. This contains the database connection information. The values should match the location of the bootstrap.xml file in your installation of the Primavera Integration API.

primaveraAPI.bootstrap.home=C:\\Program Files\\Primavera\\IntegrationAPI

For backslashes, use double backslashes, for example C:\\Program Files\\Primavera\\IntegrationAPI

P6 Database Type

Possible values are ST_SQLServer or ST_Oracle, depending on whether the database runs on MSSQL server or Oracle (defaults to datasource.type)


Use only if your P6 database is on a different platform from your EcoSys database.