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Proximity of Application and Database Servers

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the application performance is that the application server has an excellent connection and plenty of bandwidth to the database server. It is important to have them both on the same LAN with no communication interference by third-party security tools/appliances. We recommend that the average ping time between these servers not exceed 2ms.

Network Scanners and Proxies for Clients

No network filtering systems. Proxy servers and firewalls should not be modifying the content of any communication between the end-users and the application server.

Bandwidth and Latency for Clients

We recommend a minimum network connection of 256 Kbps for client machines with a ping reply from the application server faster than 30ms on average for 32 byte packets and faster than 50ms on average for 1500 byte packets.

Client Workstation Network Connection

Bandwidth and Latency

Expected Performance

High speed network

Bandwidth > 1 Mbps

Latency < 20 ms

  • Heavy spreadsheet use, high volume export/import

  • Typical response times for page navigation < 3 seconds

Moderate network

Bandwidth 256-1024 Kbps

Latency 50-100 ms

  • Normal spreadsheet use (< 25,000 cells)

  • Response times for page navigation 1-3 seconds

Slow network

Bandwidth 128-256 Kbps

Latency 100-150 ms

  • Lightweight spreadsheet use (< 500 cells loaded at once)

  • Response times 10-30 seconds

  • Response times for page navigation 3-8 seconds

Very slow network

Bandwidth < 128 Kbps Latency > 200 ms

  • Not suitable for general purpose EcoSys web use

  • Recommended solution is Excel export/import

  • Response times for page navigation 5-10 seconds

How to check latency

Run the ping command from a command line. Use the table above to compare the average and peak latencies (response time)

  • Ping with 32-byte packets: ping

  • Ping with 1500-byte packets: ping -l 1500