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The EcoSys application log includes two types of performance data that may be reviewed ad-hoc, or summarized into a performance report:

  • Process Metrics and Browser Metrics provide timings and resource utilization for individual user requests, such as running a report or saving a spreadsheet

  • Server Metrics provide a period snapshot of server-level resource utilization.

Automatic performance benchmark reports

The resulting .xls file includes reports summarizing many aspects of performance. A few key ones to note are:




All errors and warnings logged in the analyzed range

Browser Metrics

User experience in loading and saving spreadsheets and forms, includes performance metrics on browser time, network time, and application server

Process Metrics

Detailed resource utilization and metrics for all LANA view loads and saves, including reports, spreadsheets, actions, forms, and published web service calls

Server Metrics

Metrics over time of resource utilization within the Java application server. These data can be used to chart overall load and resource bottlenecks on the system over the course of a test or daily operations.

This output serves as an automatic benchmark report for performance test, as well. If analysis of older log files or specific periods are required, send your application logs to the EcoSys technical support team.

  • For more in-depth information and assistance in interpreting the log file analysis reports, please contact the EcoSys technical support team.

  • To produce a log file analysis and performance report in EcoSys version 6+, log in to the software as an administrator. Navigate to System Admin > Display Log > Download Log, and select Analysis of Current Log File.