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Disk Space

Verify that the disks used by the application have sufficient free space. Depending upon your system’s configuration, these disk folders may reside on one or more disks. This applies for the disks used for the following:

Disk Folder

Example Location

EcoSys Home (ESFM_HOME)


Application logs


Java Home

C:\Program Files\Java…\JRE



Application Server

c:\program files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat

Use one of the following methods to verify that you have at least 30% free space or 5GB of free space, whichever is greate.

  • In EcoSys Version 6.0, click System Info. On the Environment tab, review the Server Disk Free Space section.

  • On Windows, you can use Windows Explorer or Disk Properties.

  • On Unix, use df or df -h.

EcoSys Version 6.0, you can configure an alert in the application whenever one of the disks is below a chosen threshold. For more information, see the FMServerSettings property server.disk.freespacethresholdsKB.

Identify Resource Utilization

Identify the level of resource utilization on the application server(s) in use. For a dedicated application server, no processes other the java process should be using the most CPU except for short periods of time.

  • In Windows, use the Task Manager to view all processes on the system. Sort by CPU used.

  • On Unix, use the top or htop tool, and sort the display by CPU.

Physical Memory, Paging, and Swapping

Verify that the server is not performing excessive memory paging during normal operations. The server should have enough available physical memory to have the entire JVM heap in memory, plus the regular operating system tasks.

  • In Windows, use the Task Manager or other performance monitoring tools to look for available memory and paging I/O rates

  • In Unix, use vmstat, htop, or dstat.

Server-Side Anti-Virus Scanning

It is important to achieve a balance between ensuring a secure and virus-free server environment that also does not interfere with the reliability and performance of the application. Running anti-virus programs on the application server that actively scan application data or file access for the EcoSys application has been observed to significantly degrade overall performance

To ensure a stable performance, we recommend excluding the following:

  • Exclude the application server’s installation folder (for example: c:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5)

  • Exclude the EcoSys configuration home folder on the application server (for example: c:\EcoSys\ESFM_HOME)

  • Exclude the EcoSys batch jobs folder on the application server (for example: c:\EcoSys\batch)