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Follow the steps below to select the data to be able to edit when the mobile device will not be able to connect to EcoSys:

  1. Login into your EcoSys Mobile App.

    A list of configured apps appears.

  2. To switch to offline mode, tap the WIFI icon .

    The following message appears.

    • If you have not set the required parameters for the apps to appear offline, the following message appears.

      To set the parameters:

      1. Tap CANCEL in the above message and then tap on the app that has yellow circle beside it.

      2. Set the parameters and tap CONTINUE.

      3. Go back to the Home screen, tap on the WIFI icon and tap CONTINUE.

        The parameters of the apps and user profile can only be updated when you are in online mode. After switching to offline mode, you will not be able to view both the screens.

        The Apps screen appears with a list of apps to download.

  3. Select the app from the Apps screen.

  4. From the card list, turn on the toggle for the required cards to download and tap DONE.

  5. Tap the Download icon in the Apps screen to download the apps.

  6. Tap CONTINUE after the download is completed.

    If no cards are selected, an empty app gets downloaded and will appear in the Apps list .